"I can't even describe how much Wing Chun has impacted my ability to stay well and focused. It has changed my life."
(Actor Robert Downey, Jr., Academy Member, since 2003)
"(Si-Fu Oram) is simply the best."
(Actor Christian Bale, Batman Begins)
"Wing Chun is perfect for me, because I'm a smaller opponent (6'5"), battling with larger opponents. In the past, I would struggle with force on force. Now, I defeat their strength with efficiency, evasiveness, straight lines and speed!"
(Chike Okeafor, NFL Defensive Lineman, private student of Sifu Oram)
"Sifu (Oram) is amazing. I wish I would have learned wing chun ten years ago!!! I could have used this in the cage!"
(Kevin "The Monster" Randleman, Pride Champion, Paradise Warrior Retreat co-instructor)
"Oram is a tough fighter - and a very, very effective teacher. One of the best. And have you seen his school?!"
("Judo" Gene LeBell, Grappling Legend, Paradise Warrior Retreat co-instructor, seen here with Bob "Ohara" Wall, far left )
"What I share the most in common with Sifu (Oram), is we both see the martial arts as spiritual development. Once you achieve such a high level of skill under pressure, you begin to understand what it is really all about. That is how you find your Truth!"
(Benny "The Jet" Urquidez, Kick Boxing Legend, Paradise Warrior Retreat co-instructor; seen here with wife, Sara, and LAWC instructor, Joseph Perlingiero)

"Sifu Oram embodies the concept of the poet/warrior, and has the fighting and teaching skills to help his students attain their highest potential both in and out of the school."
(W. Blake Herron, Writer/Director: The Bourne Identity, A Texas Funeral, Member)

"(Sifu Oram) is one of the best teachers I have ever seen. Absolutely, no question."
(Pat Militech, 5 time UFC Champion, Paradise Warrior Retreat co-instructor)

"I have known and worked with Sifu (Oram) for over 15 years. He is one of the best teachers I have had - and I have had some very good teachers! He has influenced my work immensely."
(Richard Ryan, Fight Choreographer, Troy, Stardust, Member since 1991)

"I have learned that the best reflection of an instructor is his students. Yours displayed great character, and I enjoyed the class immensely."
(Marine Gunnery Sergeant Shane T. Franklin, Chief Instructor, Martial Arts Center of Excellence.")

"We may have all come to this academy for very different reasons, but we all stay for the same ones-excellent instruction in an extremely effective art and the positive spirit that is this academy-thank you Sifu Oram, SiHing Jim and SiHing Joseph for taking the time to not just help us learn the art of Wing Chun, but to truly appreciate all it has to offer."

(Kris Jacobson - Academy member - Gold Sash Program)

"I have been a student at the LA Wing Chun Academy since 2009 and it has been an amazing experience. Not only has it improved my physical fitness, but I'm also more focused and confident. The classes, ranging from impact to touch reflex training, are fun and challenging. I love the atmosphere and the energy that Sifu Oram brings to the class, and the energy that he is able to draw out of the students. I feel like the art is definitely a lifelong practice, one that encompasses physical and spiritual development."

(Jessica Liang - Academy Member - Gold Sash Program)

"I came to LA Wing Chun in 2008 looking for a cure for insomnia and to release some stress
... I ended up finding a path for the rest of my life.

Thank you, Sifu."

(Jackie Martin - Academy Member - Gold Sash Program)